This is a png image of a mushroom

This was obtained from

The image is a png image of a mushroom.
What I find interesting about the image is that its colorful.
The graphic format is Png.

Characteristic of PNG graphic format

  1. only one color is transparent
  2. PNG does not have animation
  3. The image's true color can be shown

This is a Jpeg of birds

This was obtained from

This is a Jpeg of birds.
What I find intressting of the photo is the setting the birds are in.
The graphic format is Jpeg.

Chracteristic of Jpeg graphic format

  1. most recognizable format
  2. small file size
  3. High quality

This is a GIF of the world

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This is the world.
What I find intressting about this image is that its animated.
The graphic format is GIF.

Chracteristics of GIF graphic format

  1. It is animated
  2. Small file Size
  3. Supported by all browsers