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Bike Riding

On my spare time I like to go bike riding.
below you guys will see some photos of bikes and some links online that can get you started on doing one of my favorite hobbies

Guy on a bike


Here is a picture of a guy on a bike.
It's nothing special but I thought I would add it in.

Remember to always wear a helmet when riding


Remeber when riding to wear your helmet.
There is alot of accidents that occur every year on the road of people who don't wear helmet.
So remember to wear one so you are not a statistic.

Bike similar to mine


The bike structure above is similar to the one I ride at home.
I have been using the same bike for the past few years and love it.
It is a smooth ride every time I ride it.
It also is very good cardio excercise.
I have been bike riding for so many years now and I love it and think everyone should do it.

Links of store's of where one can purchase bikes

Abc Bikes Online Bicycle Store Bike path List

Always be prepared


Remember to always carry emergancy tools with you when ever you go bike riding.
You never know when you will have a flat tire or some sort of emergancy.

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