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One of my hobies is doing home improvement projects to my house.
Below is my invoice I got from home depot on my last project I did.

Item description Quantity Unit Cost Amount
Spikes 1 99.99 99.99
wood 2 16.95 33.90
deck screws 3 9.99 29.97
subtotal 163.86
GST 5% 8.19
Qst 9.975% 14.34
total $186.39

Video of how to install spikes in the ground

Also here is a ordered list of all the projects that must be done in my house

  1. Install fans in bathroom
  2. Put ground fault plugs in kitchen
  3. Put Usb plugs in kitchen
  4. Change valve under the sink
  5. Paint the backyard gate
  6. Paint the gazebo
  7. Fix gargae drain
  8. Fix cracked glass window

Here is an unordered list of everything that must be done

Here is a definition list of building supplies I use

plastic piping
Shark bite fittings
fittings that do not need to be solder

Image of copper pipes